Create Postage Stamps For Special Occasions

Anyone can create postage stamps today. More and more people are creating postage stamps for special occasions. It is becoming somewhat of an art form for people.

In fact, postage stamps that commemorate special occasions are becoming keepsakes in and of themselves. This is particularly true if the stamp is a photograph. You can, however, also use clip art.

You can announce the grand opening of your business or launch of your web site. You may want a special stamp for thank you notes.The special occasion can be anything from a bridal shower to a 50th wedding anniversary celebration. You might want to announce a job promotion or college graduation.

Any of these special occasions are ideal reasons to create postage stamps that reflect the occasion. There are a variety of ways to do this.


How many stamps do i need? If you just want a simple stamp, go to You will need a digital image in the format indicated on the web site.

You can use a photograph of your baby to announce her first birthday. Use your son’s senior picture to announce his graduation from high school. Use your company logo to announce your open house.

If you do not have a digital image, just take one with your digital camera. Download your picture to your computer and make sure it is properly formatted.

All you have to do now is upload the digital image on to your account on the web site. You have a few options that allow you to customize the photograph. Once you have designed your stamp, all you need to do is place your order and your stamps will be mailed to you.

You can visit other sites such as if you want more options in designing your stamp. At this site, you can add words to your design. This might be more meaningful if you are creating postage stamps for a business. On this site, you can design your stamp a variety of ways to maximize impact.

You do have limitations on creating postage stamps. Each site will specify those limitations. For example, you generally cannot use photographs that are political in nature, of celebrities, or are obscene. It is important that you honor these restrictions.