Digital Video Games For Kids – A Different Activity For Brain Enhancement

Online video games are always believed to provide negative influences on growing children. That is because most video games are addictive and typically about violent battles and fighting. The majority of parents and also the media believe these games rot the brains of the children and promote violence among them and think. These games are blamed for the anti- rude, weird, social and arrogant behaviors of some children.

Video Game – Improves Child’s Logical Thinking


  • Many psychologists, child experts, and scientists believe these games are beneficial to children that are growing. They are quite responsible in making an infant and essential and teach him high -level thinking skills that he might need in the future.
  • A huge number of video games require general and high -level thinking ability to win in the game. The relevant strength skills involve problem-solving and logic, following instructions, hand-eye coordination, math skills, and abilities that are spatial. Video games also teach a child about the resource management, logical thinking, multitasking and quick response.
  • In most of the online video games involve different types of characters that do various movements all at the same time. And for a child to control his character, his senses must be well –coordinated. They help a child develop better reading and math skills; as well as, perseverance, better memory, logistics, and strategy- making.
  • When you see with the different perspective playing video games involves teamwork and cooperation. Furthermore, in a game such as flight simulation, the child controls and becomes familiar with the airplane’s parts; he has an informal training and background on flying, so if he decides to become a pilot when he grows up. This is since the parts in the flight simulation game that is said are modeled according to the actual parts of an airplane.
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  • Playing video games and discovering new things bring children familiar with the Internet. They make learning fun for children who are fond of colors and animation. And lastly, these video games may function as the method for a child to release his stress. Like other games, online video games can provide an effective aggression outlet.