The Most Expensive Android Games

BattleHeart ($2.99)

Android Paid Games

This is probably the first RPG on the Android market that caught our eye. However, this said, it is only a distant relative of most mainstream RPGs. While normal RPGs usually have you roaming around the world and talking to NPCs in towns in order to gain items and experience, BattleHeart allows you to dig right in. Right from the start, there are battles, upgrade purchasing, leveling up, and team changing. Although it might sound complex and less fun than the mainstream RPGs, its parent company Mika seems to know what they are doing. Because it has a responsive, real-time battle system that has a very shallow learning curve, the battles are both fresh and interesting. The best paid android games also certainly doesn’t lack anything in terms of depth. The game has tanks, casters, and most of the other basic classes that you’ll find in RPGs. Because the game is flashy and tasteful, it’s easy to keep playing this game for hours without getting bored.

Fruit Ninja ($1.24)

Although this game has witnessed enormous success both on IOS and Android and now has a loyal following of millions of players, it’s really difficult to get tired of it. The goal of the game simple: chop up the fruit as it flies through the air. In addition, you need to avoid all the bombs that end up sneaking in the midst of the fruits. Fruit Ninja has become one of the household names in casual gaming, available for everything from Xbox Live to iPhone. The game is never ending, so you can just keep on playing until it gets so difficult that you cannot keep going.