Most Haunted Cities In The World

Some cities are known for its famous architecture, technology, development, museum and much more thing. But some cities are very popular among people for the mysteries, real life incidents and experience of spirits. Likewise here is some famous town in the world where you may see lots of unbelievable things that happens in that locations. 

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is one of the very most haunted cities on earth. Founded in 1718, it has seen over a little bloodshed. It’s probably the single area in the land where an allegedly haunted house is more expensive than an ordinary one. New Orleans is the city of Voodoo, and Voodoo queen Marie Laveau rests in St. Louis Cemetery, the most haunted graveyard in the world. She’s said to roam the cemetery.

London, England

London has the reputation to be one of the very haunted capitals on the planet and features countless ghost stories. For example, along with the London Wall, a man was walking in 1907 when a hand blocked his passage and suddenly stretched out from the wall. Shocked, he turned away to get a couple of seconds, and he saw a man in dark clothing who disappeared and walked right into the wall when he dared to look again. Another phantom that is notable is the Highgate Vampire. Several reports of ghostly meetings exist, many of these concerning the Highgate Vampire.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The capital of Scotland has a weird and very long history. The infamous body snatchers Burke and Hare apparently hunted in the vaults for their victims and sold their corpses to medical schools.
Paranormal action has become a virtually day-to-day occurrence in Edinburgh Castle. The staff is becoming accustomed to hearing music, footsteps, and voices. Another place that is ghostly is Greyfriars Kirkyard. Many famous people have already been laid to rest here. Visitors wandering around the cemetery have left with bruises, scratches, and wounds. This is said to be the world’s most haunted place.

France, Paris

It has many places that are creepy, although Paris is famous for its catacombs. The Eiffel Tower can be said to comprise the phantom of a young girl who had planned to break up with her boyfriend precisely the same night he intended to propose to her. He did so together with the tower, and she declined. He threatened to shove her from the tower, but she didn’t believe him and laughed, so he pushed her. Many have seen her ghost body and hear the sound of laughing.

Italy, Rome

Rome has many ghost stories, and it’s no wonder why. A 22-year-old girl was imprisoned for killing her violent husband in Castle Sant’ Angelo. It is said as that her ghost walks Sant’Angelo Bridge annually on September 11, with her head.
There are lots of scary places in Rome to see, but none of them are more creepy than the Museum and Crypt. You can see the skeleton of more than 400 monks.